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This years Roughtail Mug Club, which will run from January 1st through December 31st of 2024. The club is limited to 48 individuals. This cost includes the custom mug. Being a member of the mug club entitles you to 16oz pours of any of our beers that come in 12oz pours, for the 12oz price. Most of our beers will be included, but some examples like barrel-aged stouts would not be. If you choose not to renew the next year you may take your mug with you. If you are a renewing member of the mug club you will get the right of first refusal for the following year, and renewals will be $50 less. One side of the mug will be the Roughtail logo and the other side will have your name or nickname. When checking out add the name you would like on your mug under “Order notes”. You will get your choice of mug style, mug handle, and glazing as well. All mugs will be displayed proudly behind the bar.

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Blue, Green, Red, Orange


Handle #1, Handle #2, Handle #3

Mug Style

Mug Style #1, Mug Style #2, Mug Style #3, Mug Style #4, Mug Style #5, Mug Style #6